Mike Tyson’s Vapes are Knockouts! Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 7000 Puff Review!

Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 7000 Puff

What does Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 7000 Puff mean?

In this review, we’re diving into the world of Tyson Heavyweight 2.0, a disposable vape product with an impressive 7000-puff capacity, endorsed by the legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

General Features

These Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 disposables boast some noteworthy features. They come with a substantial 15ml e-liquid capacity, a long-lasting 550mAh battery, and convenient USBC charging. Plus, each box includes a bonus USBC charging cable.

Flavors of Tyson Heavyweight 2.0
Let’s explore the range of flavors these disposables offer

Apple Gummies A clean and clear green apple flavor with a hint of gummy sweetness.
Strawberry Banana A refreshing blend of strawberry and banana, reminiscent of Laffy Taffy.
Passion Palm A potent mix of passion fruit and pomegranate that’s vibrant and intense.
Frozen Peach A sweet and juicy peach flavor with a touch of cooling sensation.
Strawberry Watermelon A classic combination of strawberry and watermelon, delivering a sweet, fruity taste.

Reviews on Tyson Heavyweight 2.0

After sampling these flavors, here are the reviews

Apple Gummy Scored an impressive 9 out of 10, with a clean and authentic apple taste.
Strawberry Banana Rated 8 out of 10, a good flavor but not quite on par with the Apple Gummy.
Passion Palm, Frozen Peach, and Strawberry Watermelon All received 8 out of 10 ratings, showcasing the consistency in quality and flavor across the range.

Is Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 worth it?

In conclusion, Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 disposables offer a delightful vaping experience with strong, sweet flavors and impressive battery life. They also come with the convenience of USBC charging and a bonus cable. The overall quality and flavor make them a worthwhile choice for vape enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons of Tyson Heavyweight 2.0


High e-liquid capacity (15ml).
Long-lasting 550mAh battery.
Variety of strong and sweet flavors.
Bonus USBC charging cable included.

Slight airflow restriction in some flavors.

Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 FAQs and Answers

Q1 What’s the e-liquid capacity of Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 disposables?
A: These disposables have an impressive 15ml e-liquid capacity.

Q2 Are there any included accessories with Tyson Heavyweight 2.0?
A: Yes, each box includes a bonus USBC charging cable for your convenience.

Q3 How do the flavors in Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 disposables compare?
A: The flavors are strong and sweet, with Apple Gummy being a standout with a score of 9 out of 10.

Q4 Is there any cooling effect in the Frozen Peach flavor?
A: Yes, the Frozen Peach flavor offers a hint of Coolatta-like cooling on the exhale.

In summary, Tyson Heavyweight 2.0 disposables offer an impressive vaping experience with a range of delicious flavors, making them a knockout choice for vapers looking for convenience and flavor.


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